Life on the Gay-List – a one-man show, starring Jason Dottley

Thursday, July 2 | 8 pm – 9:30 pm | General and VIP Seating – $20, $25
JASON DOTTLEY, Sordid Lives series star and 3-Time Top 25 Billboard recording artist doesn’t hold back in his debut one-man show about life when you’re gay, divorced and over 30. The “poster boy for gay marriage” turned “public face of gay divorce” is shamelessly NSFW on dating when you’re over 30, mis-sexting Lance Bass and other celebrity misadventures, heartbreak and 21-year-olds, a Craigslist threesome disaster (and other impossibilities of anonymous sex), sex with language barriers, that time he kissed Perez Hilton, accidental watersports and every regrettable decision in between.
Jason Dottley Life on the Gay-List at Club Cafe Boston